"To The Times" Leather Can Holder

"To The Times We'll Always Remember With The Friends We'll Never Forget" ...Wild nights, fun in the sun, birthdays, weddings; you've done it all together. Cheers to old memories and here's making new ones! 

Each leather coozie is assembled with a durable shock cord, this provides for a snug secure fit, while still being easy to slide the coozie on and off the can. It also has no bottom to it, making it more sturdy and less likely to tip over than other bottomed-lined beer holders. It fits perfectly over standard-sized cans and bottles with a no-slip-grip.

Meet The Maker

Created by: American Bench Craft | Location: California, Laguna Beach

American Bench Craft is a team of family and friends that always dreamed of finding a job that offered adventure, fulfillment and passion all rolled into one. Started by a pair of brothers, the business was originally launched in 2014 out of their parents garage and by 2017 they moved their business to a larger shop.