Honey Hard Candies

Anellabees' signature hard candies are made with honey, organic sugar, and a few more hand-picked quality ingredients. Choose between creamy honey butter, refreshing lemon, or indulgent dark chocolate with a dash of Himalayan salt, or cinnamon butter (so good!). The hard candy boxes, which include a resealable bag to help things stay sweet, make the perfect gift!

We recommend enjoying these tasty hard candies within nine months.

Includes 4oz of candy.

Meet The Maker

Created by: Anellabees | Location: California, Laguna Beach

Anellabees started as a mother-daughter passion project in 2017 and since then has evolved into a business! Anellabees candies are made without preservatives or artificial flavoring and are gluten, soy, and corn-syrup-free. Shaped in antique molds, giving them their unique, signature shapes, and are wrapped in an 85-year-old vintage candy wrapping machine.