Black Cat Manor | Paper Pop-Up Decoration

The best way to make your house eerily spooky for halloween? The Black Cat Manor paper pop-up! This paper decoration is completely three-dimensional and easy to put together in 5 minutes or less. Make the house glow at night by placing a battery-operated tea light inside!

The Black Cat Manor story: It's been vacant for as long as anyone can remember. Or so everyone thought. Apparently, the witch's cat, Mistress Meow, has been practicing sorcery in the house since her late owner's passing. The whiskered-witch spends most of her time in the cellar laboratory, concocting potions. If you choose to venture up to the house, you may notice deadly nightshade growing in the conservatory, and a ghost or two floating about the old broom closet.

Approximately 7"W x 7"L x 10"H inches, made of heavy cardstock. Easy to set up and makes a great instant party decoration! It packs flat to reuse year after year.

Meet The Maker

Created by: Mackenzie Myrick Studio | Location: Hamilton, Georgia

Mackenzie Myrick Studio is an artist who creates whimsical pen and ink drawings inspired by nature and storytelling. These detailed drawings live in a fantastical world where raccoons carry ice cream and dormice create exceptional molasses. Anecdotal stories accompany each piece, providing glimpses into the characters and places depicted. The stationery and gift collection aims to bring joy, imagination, and curiosity to everyday living, offering cards, bookmarks, and birch trays for all interests.