Mushrooms Book Decor

These fantastically fun fungi are crafted carefully from castoff books. Our eco-conscious shrooms are rescuing tomes from the trash heap and sparking plenty of conversations with customers. They boast a boldly-colored ruby hue and the natural book shade for the polka dots and stem—all lovingly handmade with an array of upcycled titles, ensuring no two are exactly alike!

Mini: 3-1/2"x 3-1/2" Small: 5-1/2" x 4" Large: 8" x 5-1/2"

Meet The Maker

Created by: Root To Vine | Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Root To Vine was born out of a desire to implement creativity into the makers daily life. The company had its beginnings in 2014 and it now sustains Sean and Amy fully. All of our decor is made from cast off literature creating eco-friendly decor pieces that evoke both a whimsical and nostalgic feeling for buyers. Each decor piece is handmade and features varying novels which means no two items are exactly the same. Our items are praised by book lovers along with people searching for that perfect unique gift for a loved one.