Chai Bird Tea Canister

Fly away with this chai bird every morning! The star is TGFOP assam that is organic, fair trade, and produced in the state of Assam in Northeast India. It yields a brownish-red infusion that is naturally malty and robust with notes of caramel. The intense flavor profile is heightened by the addition of milk and sugar (or honey).

assam TGFOP black tea, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, allspice, clove, black pepper (all organic

Meet The Maker

Created by: blushing wren teas & botanicals | Location: Philadelphia, PA

Blushing wren teas & botanicals is based locally, in Philadelphia. Their products fresh herbs are grown locally and inherently grown free of chemicals. Blushing wren teas & Botanicals is also committed to sustainable sourcing ingredients.Their teas are cultivated and brought in from around the world!