CRUSH Collection: Vigne

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Our new CRUSH Collection is inspired by the world of natural wine and the purity of the vineyard's terroir. Vigne has notes of Blackcurrant, Petit Verdot, Cardamom, Jasmine Absolute and California Cypress. Like a natural wine, these perfumes are un-fined and unfiltered. Cloudiness and raw wine-like sediment may occur in the bottle. This is natural and does not affect the wear or scent of the fragrance. 1.69fl oz/50ml. Includes box. **Don't forget to add TESTERS to your order if needed!** Each fragrance is hand-poured in our scent studio, using the highest quality naturals, essential and fragrance oils. Our formulas are non-toxic, free of phthalates and parabens, and never tested on animals.

Meet The Maker

Created by: Kelly + Jones