Herbal-Infused Spiced Wine Bath Bomb

Take your bath time to another level with a botanically infused and moisture packed bath soak with a fizz! These bath bombs contain our signature coconut oil that is herbal-infused in-house. Allow those properties to soak in to the whole body while soothing dry skin and creating a relaxing spa like experience in the comfort of your own home. BOMBS AWAY!  Our Spiced Wine Bath Bomb is warm and inviting. Citrus oils are known to rejuvenate cells and brighten your skin while spices like cassia and clove promote healthy circulation and make excellent regulators of inflammatory response. This bomb provides aesthetics AND functionality due to the addition of our nourishing, herbal infused oils. We embellish the bombs with safflowers which help to soothe dry skin, promote elasticity and lend to a healthy glow to create a rich, sweet and spicy bathing experience.

Meet The Maker

Created by: The Good Rub | Location: Sacramento, California