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"Hold My Beer" Leather Can Holder

Made in Wilmington, MA, USA

Some of the best (and worst, ha!) stories often start with the formidable line, “Hold My Beer”! And while your hands are waving around; telling your tall tale, beware of the "beer tax"! When your story is through, you may not get back the same amount of beverage you handed over 😉

Each leather coozie is assembled 
with a durable shock cord, this provides for a snug secure fit, while still being easy to slide the coozie on and off the can. It also has no bottom to it, making it more sturdy and less likely to tip over than other bottomed-lined beer holders. It fits perfectly over standard-sized cans and bottles with a no-slip-grip.

Handmade and designed in WilmingtonMassachusetts, USA