Geo Candlestick Holder

Color: Jet Black
Jet Black

These candlestick holders offer a modern aesthetic to hold candles and add warmth during the darker hours. A wonderful wedding or housewarming gift, these candlestick holders add beauty and form to any room. The updated design insures a good fit and catches wax drips. Pair with a colorful taper candle for a unique match. As these are handmade, there is slight variation in the hole diameter.

 Dishwasher Safe These candlestick holders are slip-cast and fired in an electric kiln using handcrafted, non-toxic glazes and fired to Cone 6.

Small: 2.25"x2.25"x2.5" Medium: 3.5"x3.5"x3.75" Large: 3.25"x5.75"x5.75" (Measurements are base width x height)

Meet The Maker

Created by: Lauren HB Studio

Lauren HB Studio works to create pieces that can create “transformative experiences” for people. Lauren’s studio is located in Cleveland, Ohio. Made in small batches, Lauren produces work under the categories of pottery, sculpture, and public art.