Midsummer Mushroom: Chanterelle | Vinyl Sticker

Waterproof stickers are the perfect companion to any water bottle, notebook, or sticker collection. Each sticker is made to last, meaning that you can enjoy this mushroom for years to come!

Waterproof Matte Vinyl

Approximately 3x3 inches

Meet The Maker

Created by: Mackenzie Myrick Studio | Location: Hamilton, Georgia

Mackenzie Myrick Studio is an artist who creates whimsical pen and ink drawings inspired by nature and storytelling. These detailed drawings live in a fantastical world where raccoons carry ice cream and dormice create exceptional molasses. Anecdotal stories accompany each piece, providing glimpses into the characters and places depicted. The stationery and gift collection aims to bring joy, imagination, and curiosity to everyday living, offering cards, bookmarks, and birch trays for all interests.