Minimalist Modern Ceramic Bird House | Black

Simple modern shaping to hang on the porch or from a tree and provide a home for your avian friends. * 1.5” opening keeps predatory birds from nesting * wheel thrown by real humans in our Indianapolis studio * add a small twig from your yard under the opening to make it easy for the birds to perch * drainage hole in the bottom * natural jute twine for hanging (We recommend replacing this yearly for security) * each bird house is unique * we strongly recommend hanging the darker glaze bird houses in the shade so it doesn’t become too hot inside * at the end of the season, remove the nest and take the birdhouse indoors to winter and put it back out in the spring and it will last a lifetime

4.5” diameter x 5.5” tall

Meet The Maker

Created by: Gravesco Pottery | Location: Indianapolis, IN