Painted Red Match Holder w/ Striker and Matches

Elevate your candle experience! This cute-but-sophisticated concrete match stick holder is designed, made, and hand-poured by a family-owned and operated business in Tennessee.

It's the perfect luxe addition to your candle routine and the holder can be refilled many times over or even reused as an air plant holder, Q-tip jar, desk organizer... you name it!


Each set comes with 70 matches, an attached striker for easy lighting, and a cork bottom to protect your surfaces. Since this item is handmade, please expect variations in color and design... but that's what we love about them; no two are identical!

The holder is approximately 1.85 inches high and 2 inches wide.

Please remember that matches are flammable. Use them with caution and strike away from your body and other flammable materials, including other unlit matches. Keep out of reach for children and pets.

Meet The Maker

Created by: Tenn Prairie | Location: Nashville, TN, USA

Tenn Praire produces handmade furniture and home goods. Everything is handmade on their back porch with family. The business is owned by a couple whose goal is to make unique pieces that their audience can enjoy as well. Tenn Praire is based out of Nashville.