Redwood Christmas Trees Tea Towel

Celebrate the season with this beautiful redwood forest scene. These towels are a beautiful accent in your home, while still working hard! These are the perfect size to fold and display in a table setting or hanging over your oven. They are medium weight and lint-free so it works as a delicate napkin or as an absorbent clean-up cloth. (YES, they are *absorbent!*) Cloth measures 18 inches long and 22 inches wide, with slight variations in size We design our own art and have these printed with a soft, watercolor ink at our small local screen printer in Leoma, TN. Key Features: • Olive Color Art • Soft Watercolor Ink • Soft White Fabric • 98% Cotton, Pre-Washed, Lint Free • Made in the USA from Fair-Trade Indian Fabric • Fabric: Light Weight • Thread Count: T110 • Piece Processed (not perfectly uniform sizes: 1-2 inch variability)

Meet The Maker

Created by: Highland Ridge Decor | Location: Leoma, TN, USA

Highland Ridge Decor is a father/daughter duo that creates all of their products. Their steel is 100% recyclable so all scraps and old products can be melted down and made into something new. They reuse glass when possible in their candles and some of their profit from them goes towards planting trees. They also support fair-trade with their tea towels production.