TWEE Narwhal Horn Handmade Sidewalk Chalk

Our Unicorns decided they needed a friend! These Narwhal horns are sure to make you the "coolest" at the playground (brrrrr) - even in the hot summer! Each retail order includes: Three sidewalk chalk horns: one blue ombre horn, one turquoise ombre horn, and one silver and glitter-coated white chalk horn Each casepack includes: 12 units Dimensions: Each horn is 3.5 inches in height and about 1.75 inches in diameter *All TWEE chalk is handmade with eco-friendly ingredients and packaging in Philadelphia, PA* Best Gift for Summer!

Meet The Maker

Created by: TWEE made for little hands

Be a TWEE-kend warrior and make playtime fun and eco-friendly with TWEE's Story! This Philadelphia-based makers studio features reimagined childhood classics that boost grip strength and refine motor skills - not to mention sparking creative play and encouraging imaginary worlds! So pause the screens and say hello to handmade entertainment that encourages children to share experiences with friends and make their own masterpieces. TWEE-rific!