Walnut Bottle Opener

Pop open a cold one in style with our handcrafted bottle opener made from multiple species of wood that is both stylish and ergonomic. Perfect for outdoor picnics, social gatherings, and/or a unique gift for friends/family. (Walnut opener pictured facing up).

Wood Combination Shown Here (top): Walnut with Mahogany, & Padauk

Length: 8” x Width: 2.25” x Height: .75”

Hand wash only

Meet The Maker

Created by: Pino Grande Woodworking | Location: Pomona, CA, USA

Pino Grande Woodworking is run by a married couple in Pomona, California. Their pieces are inspired by natural elements and handcrafted. About 90% of their hardwoods (used to produce their boards) are sustainably sourced from the US.