Wildflower Simmer Potpourri

Wildflower Stovetop Potpourri/Simmer pot

This simmer pot scent is absolutely beautiful. Its floral aroma is sweet, subtle and earthy.

Each simmer pot comes filled with Lemon, Grapefruit, Rose buds, Lavender, Blue corn flower, Chamomile, Honey suckle + Vanilla bean. Because everything is dried it allows these simmers to have a shelf life of up to a year! As long as they are left unopened and stored in a cool dark place.

Each simmer pot includes a scent, ingredient + direction tag.

1. Fill a pot with water and heat to a boiling. 2. Pour in contents of jar 3. Reduce pot to a simmer adding more water when needed. Usually every 30-60 minutes 4. Leave on for as long as desired. The steam will carry the beautiful scent out and into your home. 5. Once finished, remove from heat, cover and let cool. 6.Then place your pot into the fridge. These simmers can last up to 4 days - repeating steps.

Meet The Maker

Created by: The Coppered Fern | Location: Indianola, Iowa