Winter Tea Canister

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This organic and fair trade white tea is comprised of beautiful buds blended subtly with cedar tips, elderberry, chaga mushroom and honeybush (all organic). The result is just what your body needs during winter and I cannot imagine a better tea to celebrate the winter solstice! The cedar tips will help ground you while the chaga mushroom is earthy and the elderberry lends delicate fruitiness. Honeybush is from the Cyclopia family and is full of vitamins and minerals.

Available in 50gram canisters.

Meet The Maker

Created by: blushing wren teas & botanicals | Location: Philadelphia, PA

Blushing wren teas & botanicals is based locally, in Philadelphia. Their products fresh herbs are grown locally and inherently grown free of chemicals. Blushing wren teas & Botanicals is also committed to sustainable sourcing ingredients.Their teas are cultivated and brought in from around the world!