Yardley Wedding Weekend - Vendor Fee & In-Kind Donation

To participate as a vendor in Yardley Wedding Weekend, we're asking for a small vendor fee and in-kind donation.

Vendor Fee - $100.00
In-Kind Donation* - $30.00
For a total cost of $130.00 per vendor

*An In-Kind donation** is a gift card(s), product, samples, food, beverage, etc. Please deliver your in-kind donation to Krysset. If you wish to discuss your in-kind donation, contribute more, or have questions please call Jess at 908-268-4405 or email info@krysset.shop

**If you do not feel that an in-kind donation makes sense for your business (for example, a gift card to a wedding photographer for $30 may not make any sense) you may make an additional $30 in payment instead of product or gift cards 

PLEASE NOTE: 100% of your vendor fee and in-kind donation goes directly towards marketing and guest experience. 
Krysset is not financially benefiting from your monetary contribution. 

Costs to create an incredible experience for our guests and to attract guests to the event include:

- gift bags
- giveaways
- food and beverage
- print ad spend
- digital ad spend 
- website development & hosting fees
- pre and day-of event marketing materials like postcards, flyers, brochures with map and information, nametags
- social media, copywriting and graphics

You're invited to participate as a vendor at the Yardley Wedding Weekend! A one-of-a-kind walkable event in downtown Yardley with over twenty Yardley, Bucks County, and NJ participating businesses including Krysset Artisan Boutique, Vault Brewing Co., Panna Gelateria, Kona Compost, Salon Millan, Bella Body Med Spa, and Brandon Rodkewitz Photography, just to name a few!

Services and products available will include event space, gifts, registry, catering, dessert, photographers, guest and bridal party attire, invitations, flowers, hair, makeup, nails, massage, and more.

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