Zach & Zoe Raw Honey - 16oz

Raw organic honey from apiaries in neighboring Bucks and Hunterdon Counties along the Delaware River. 16oz each

Available in...

- Wildflower
- Lemon
- Creamed Wildflower
- Lavender

Meet The Maker

Created by: Zach & Zoe | Location: Hunterdon County, NJ, USA

The owners of this family business became interested in beekeeping when their youngest child, Zach, began suffering from asthma and very bad seasonal allergies and they were seeking out a natural treatment for him. After introducing raw honey and seeing a huge difference in Zach’s allergies, they decided to start their journey as beekeepers BUT doing it the right way. No pesticides. No additives. Just PURE, RAW HONEY from bees that we value, nurture, and love. Nothing more.