Zoo Train

Chooo chooo!!! This handmade wooden zoo train set features beautiful natural woods with a child-safe finish. No paints, stains, nails, or screws are used in the construction of this kid-safe toy. All hardwoods pulled from local trees found in Nebraska and surrounding states. While other toymakers use paints and stains we use high-grade, nicely figured woods, (walnut, cherry, Bubinga, padauk, maple) for our toys. Choose the size of the train and what animals you want! Every zoo train includes an engine and caboose. Dimensions for individual car: l - 5", h - 5", w - 2". Non-toxic food-grade mineral oil safe for babies and toddlers. Please be aware all woods used do vary slightly in grain and color from what is seen in the picture

Meet The Maker

Created by: Baldwin Toy Co. | Location: Hickman, Nebraska