100% Beeswax Taper Candles (14")

Color: Mauve
Natural White
Midnight Blue
Long and elegant, these 14-inch dipped, solid beeswax candles are a gorgeous addition to your dining table or mantle. Sold in pairs, they're free of added scents and made with a clean burning 100% cotton wick and eco-conscious coloring. 

Why we love beeswax: When burned, beeswax candles emit negative ions that help to purify the air making it the cleanest burning wax available. By purchasing beeswax products, you're supporting the bee farmers who colonize and encourage bee reproduction, plus beeswax has the light, natural scent of honey and wildflowers. What's not to love?!

Meet The Maker

Created by: Mo&Co Home

Mo&Co Home is a California-based candle company, inspired by the ethereal beauty of Mother Nature. Each candle is thoughtfully handmade from sustainably sourced beeswax and cotton from the USA, eco-consciously colored, and free from artificial fragrance to create the cleanest burning candle experience possible.