All your values included!

Heirloom quality? Yep! Supports a small business? Uh huh! Organic? Sustainable? Female Owned? Yes, all that and more! We choose on values so you don’t have to think twice!

Happy Customers

Beautiful and thoughtful shop! Every item is clearly carefully chosen and I love that everything is made either locally, or by artisans in the US/Canada [...]. It’s so refreshing and I’ve found several beautiful and unique gifts, both for myself and others.

- Ruby S.

Lovely card! It went well with the lollipops I bought also…all for my friend’s son! Always such a cute things at Krysset and unique :)

- Marial R.

Beautiful little shop with very unique gifts and art. The best part is everything is made in America or Canada, with many items locally sourced! I received a winter scarf and hat for Christmas from here and the quality was outstanding, so cozy! I will be doing much of my gifting here!

- Nicole M.

This wallet is so beautiful! The leather is both thick and soft; I can't wait to see how it ages 😍

- Michael J.

Meet Jess

During the pandemic, I received a gift from my brother and in that moment, I knew Krysset was needed. His gift was comfort, joy, memory, and meaning from him to me. The handmade cutting board he gave me sits in my kitchen as a reminder: the things adorning our homes and our bodies have the ability to connect us across time and space. And as a former jeweler and designer, I believe it matters who makes those things that grace our lives and that is why I founded Krysset. 

We’re here to help keep their vision alive.

Artists and makers create fiercely original designs and products that make our lives richer, our relationships deeper, and adorn our homes with beauty, character, and charisma. Our mission at Krysset is to help preserve and support creatively driven businesses around the US and Canada so they can keep doing what they do best - making magic happen everyday in their studios, shops, communities - and - in your home and life.


Our Yardley Artisan Boutique

6 S. Main Street, Yardley, PA
Between Yardley Jewelers & Vault Brewing Co.

Tuesday - Friday: 11am to 6pm
Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sunday: 10am to 4pm
Closed Monday

Phone or Text: 267-393-4463