Wooden Lantern | Handmade Candle Holder

This design has been handmade in our small workshop with an expertise you can trust and a quality you will love to see. Woodgrain and knots peek through each stain color showcasing each pieces’ unique character. - Decorate With A Flameless Candle Or Mason Jar

Pictured is the 18" tall lantern with Java stain. Please Note: All of these products are individually hand crafted, they are one of a kind and not factory manufactured. As a result, there may be subtle variations in stain color from one piece to the next. These variations in the wood are caused by its natural coloring, different woodgrain patterns and knots.

Each lantern is 7.5x7.5 inches and either 12 or 18 inches tall overall. The inside height of the 12" lantern is 9", the 15" lantern is 12" and the 18" lantern is 15".

Meet The Maker

Created by: Tatyanna Designs | Location: Chandler, Arizona