Something Special

You believe that the gifts you give and receive–that adorn your home and your body–connect you to people, places, emotions and memories.

You believe it matters who makes those products. So do we!

100% Small Business

By shopping small, you make an impact far greater than yourself. You’re supporting someone’s dream, giving or receiving a unique product that’s made with love, dedication, and hard work and you’re signaling to the world that you care about the impact you have on the people around you.

That's why every item at Krysset is made and designed by a small business, artist, designer, or maker in the United States or Canada.

We're really passionate about creatively made, local, independent, handmade and small batch products. When you step into Krysset, you'll immediately feel "this is something special."

Hi there, I’m Jess

Take a moment to close your eyes and picture an object in your home that evokes an emotion or reminds you of something, somewhere or someone you love.

What’s the object? What do you remember? How does it make you feel?

Coffee mugs are a big one for me. I choose a mug every morning based on how I’m feeling.

A mug my mom gave me is my favorite. It’s handmade and painted with a sea design in happy, bright colors. When I use it, I feel closer to my family and the town on the Eastern Shore of Virginia where they live. I can smell the salty, pine-sweet air and hear the ospreys calling.

Another mug I have reminds me of a trip I took to the West Coast with my husband,Tom.

And that’s why I started Krysset; because it’s not just a coffee mug. It’s comfort, joy, memory, and meaning - from one person to another.

And it matters who makes those special objects that grace our lives.

Krysset is at the crossroads and together, we can make an impact in the lives of the makers and takers of the products we use and see everyday.

Our Creative Partners

We ❤️ what they do (and want more!)

In a world dominated by big business, product homogenization (AKA, no matter where you shop, it all kinda looks the same), throw-away-decor, and cheaply mass produced goods, we’re on a mission to do better than big-box.

At Krysset, we’re all about small businesses who make unique products and do it well.

Krysset exists because we love what they do, believe it enriches lives, is a force for good and want more of it! We want to see more more successful passion driven businesses, more creativity, more fiercely original ideas, designs, products, and art in the world!

And we get more by supporting the talented people creating all this beautiful magic: the artists, makers, and designers that we fondly call our “Creative Partners”.

Visit our artisan gift shop in beautiful Yardley, Bucks County Pennsylvania


Our Yardley Artisan Boutique

6 S. Main Street, Yardley, PA
Across from Pretty Bird Coffee Roasters and next to Vault Brewing Co.

Open Hours
Tuesday - Friday: 11am to 6pm
Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sunday: 10am to 4pm

Closed Monday

Phone or Text: 267-393-4463