Tiny Porcelain House

These adorable miniature houses* are each crafted by hand using porcelain clay and painted glaze to create tiny details and unique features all their own. Just like your home, no two are exactly the same! Each one reveals tiny, magical surprises as you'll discover itty-bitty windows, bricks, chimneys, shingles, doors, and more. What fairytale world waits inside? You'll just have to wonder and use your imagination. ✨

*Please note, the price listed is per one (1) house.

To choose a charming home all your own (or as a sweet gift), please select a "Style"–the letter corresponding with the image of the tiny home you'd like to purchase (A. B. C. D., etc.)

Each house is completely unique in size and style. They range from 1.5”- 3” in height. Please expect beautiful imperfections like tipsy walls, slanted roofs, and maker marks.

Meet The Maker

Created by: Mist Ceramics | Location: Los Angeles, CA

Milla Istomina, owner and artist at Mist Ceramics, was born in Kazakhstan and is now based in Los Angeles. She took her first pottery class in 2018 and quickly turned it into a full-time passion. When the pandemic hit, she lost her job and decided to focus on Mist Ceramics. She experiments with various techniques and genres, exploring the never-ending battle between trained wheel throwers and self-taught hand builders.