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Amborella Organics Seed-Bearing Lollipops

Created by Amborella Organics

Made in Laguna Beach, California, USA

It's a delicious, delicately flavored organic lollipop... But wait, there are also seeds you can plant?! Yes, AND it's a lollipop! Enjoy your lolli and plant the stick which contains the seeds! How cool is that?

Choose from 12 tasty flavors including...

Green Apple & Chamomile(grow chamomile)
Blood Orange & Elder Flower(grow elderflower)
Lemon & Thyme(grow thyme)
Rosemary & Mint(grow mint)
Strawberry & Basil(grow basil)
Champagne & Roses(grow rosetta cosmo)
Lavender & Lemongrass(grow lavender)
Peach & Marigold(grow marigold)
Vanilla & Hibiscus(grow baby blue eyes)
Sage & Marshmallow(grow sage)
Blueberry & Nettle(grow stinging nettle)
Grapefruit & Hops (grow grapefruit mint)

Weight: 4 oz. (113.3 g)