Assorted Sally's Seashells Handmade Sidewalk Chalk

Each retail unit includes: 2 seashells (1 yellow, 1 green / 1 pink, 1 orange / 1 blue, 1 purple / 1 orange, 1 blue) • Handmade sidewalk chalk • 2.5" length, 2.5" width • Eco-friendly, non-toxic, washable Each assorted case pack includes 8 retail units. MSRP $12.00 Who sells sea shells by the sea shore? TWEE sell sea shells by the sea shore! TWEE limited edition Sally's Seashells handmade sidewalk chalk are so cute, you won't even be able to say it three times fast before they're gone! Don't get tongue twisted- order now for perfect summer vibes! Looking for one-of-a-kind art tools that POP? TWEE're a great art novelty that stands out among flay-lay products like stickers and iron-on patches! Get ready for back to school with TWEE! All summer and into the new fall school year, TWEE provides fun, sensory, and creative pretend play for kids!

Meet The Maker

Created by: TWEE made for little hands