Silver Dot Dash Dash Ring

Dot dash ring hand carved in wax and lost wax cast in sterling silver.

Stacks with U-Ring perfectly!

Brass - Brass is truly an incredible and beautiful metal. Akin to sterling silver in how it acts, brass is similar in color to 10k gold but at a fraction of the cost. Easy to wear and clean, brass is a durable metal for everyday wear and heirloom quality pieces. You're going to love it! Silver - All Rebekah J Design silver pieces use nickel-free Sterling Silver. A classic choice for any jewelry, it's a great compliment to Rebekah's brass pieces - equally reflective, perfectly contrasting, easy to clean, and heirloom quality.

Keeping your brass or silver jewelry in a dry, closed space will help reduce tarnishing. When tarnished, use a polishing cloth (like Sunshine Cloth) to gently remove tarnish by rubbing the jewelry with the charged cloth. After complete, wash the jewelry in a little warm water with dish soap and pat dry. Wearing your jewelry in chlorine is not recommended.

Meet The Maker

Created by: Rebekah J. Designs | Location: Seattle, Washington

Rebekah J. creates jewelry for sentimentalists. The pieces she makes are filled with the emotions and memories we hold dear - the moments we never want to forget, the people we cherish, and the little things that bring us joy. When you wear her jewelry, you'll feel the meaning and significance it holds for you. Rebekah's goal is to add depth and purpose to everyday jewelry by combining traditional metals with modern fabrics, creating a unique, wanderlust-inspired style that tells a story influenced by life, motherhood, and travel. Originally from California, Rebekah now lives in Seattle and has a diverse background in art, including interior design, drawing, and printmaking. She discovered her love for metalsmithing, where she found a passion for geometric shapes, asymmetry, and natural forms - all of which are evident in her work. On a personal note, Rebekah has been with her husband since they were teenagers and they have a wonderful daughter named Luka. They also share their home with a chubby cat named Polly, a sweet dog named Birdie, and Rebekah creates her jewelry in her home studio in Seattle, WA.