Fat marshmallow 4oz Tallow & Beeswax Solid Lotion

“You know me. It’s my duty to please that booty.”— Samuel L. Jackson as Shaft Y’all are NOT pleased that we can’t ship our best selling fat marshmallow whipped tallow skin fluff in the summertime, but as the man says, it IS our duty to please that booty, so we came up with a formulation we CAN ship successfully when the asphalt is steaming.  Our fat marshmallow Tallow & Beeswax solid lotion has the same simple yet effective ingredients as our fluff, but we skip the whip and bump up beeswax for a smooth and solid option you can slather onto each and every square inch of that sweaty hot summer bod- booty and all. We source our tallow from local, regenerative agriculture farms. Our glass packaging is upcycled, post consumer glass, processed by and purchased from Philadelphia non profit Bottle Underground We use only essential oils & absolutes to scent, plants & clays to color our products. We never use synthetics, soy/coconut/palm oils.

Meet The Maker

Created by: Vellum Street