fat marshmallow Bar Soap: 4 oz Full

fat marshmallow is the ultimate gentle & moisturizing bar soap! Biocompatable grass fed tallow, infused with real vanilla bean and marshmallow root, with a touch of honey and arrow root- thats it! Its a treat your skin won't forget and your mouth may be a little jealous of! Slather it on, but try not to lick it off! * Our fat marshmallow whipped tallow skin fluff was such a hit, so by popular demand, we bring you is soapy counterpart! With no added scents or colors this is by far the most gentle soap we have ever created (and quite possible the most gentle bar soap on the market!). Creamy & dreamy, it is excellent for all skin types from baby to Grandma, and will even scrub little boys & girls clean after a day of collecting toads and roasting sticky marshmallows of their own, but is decadent enough for the grown ass adult who needs a little luxury after a long day of tending to all the things that encompass being an adult.

Meet The Maker

Created by: Vellum Street | Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA

All of Vellum St Soap Company’s products are made from food-grade ingredients that are locally and organically sourced. Often ingredients in their products are upcycled from local restaurants, which would normally be considered food waste. Their soaps, balms, salts, and candles are all tallow-based. All of the tallow in their products are sourced from animals raised on small, local, regenerative agricultural focused, pastured, and humanely raised. The company is female-run and founded.