Gin Cocktail Bitters Set

The complexity of gin calls for equally nuanced flavor complements when making cocktails. Whether your base spirit of choice is a bracing London dry gin or a modern floral spin on the traditional juniper concoction, quality bitters give balance and a bit of bounce to gin-based drinks. Honest John NOLA Bitters and Lavender Bitters were created in tribute to the ambitious tinctures created by apothecaries of yore, their repertoires built by combining herbalist traditions from around the globe. Both flavors are superbly suited to match the internationally gloried history of gin cocktails. Each Gin Cocktail Bitters Set includes 1-ounce bottles each of vibrant Honest John NOLA Bitters and fragrant Lavender Bitters, along with classic recipes to highlight each unique bitters profile.

Meet The Maker

Created by: Honest John Bitters Co | Location: Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Founded in 2016 by Sara Lund, Honest John Bitters' products instill a commitment to clarity, craft, and painstaking attention to detail. They're made with a pure spirits-based, glycerin-free foundation and all-organic plant based ingredients sourced in the Western US.