Medium Bag

Sturdy washable paper bags are made by hand using sustainable, responsibly sourced materials. These versatile containers can be washed like fabric, ironed flat for storage, are soft, yet strong and will only get better with use. The bags are designed to be rolled or folded so you can alter the height to suit your needs. Beautiful and functional storage to use wherever and however you like. Your imagination is the only limit!


Washable paper contains latex, please do not use if you have a latex allergy.

Every bag is hand-dyed to perfection. Please expect your item may have some slight variations in color and texture, making it truly unique to you!

Meet The Maker

Created by: Perennity Washable Paper | Location: Des Moines, IA, USA

Perennity’s Washable Paper products are all sustainable. Their fabric is made out of plant-based fibers. The pulp they use to make their paper is always sustainably sourced and FSC certified. Perennity Washable Paper’s products are hand-dyed with dye made by them, all of the ingredients in their dye are found in nature and are chemical-free.