Daneson Mint No.9 Toothpicks

Daneson Mint No. 9, a deceivingly simple blend, required two years of development to craft its perfect minty flavor. Blending wintergreen, peppermint, spearmint, sweet fennel, and additional essential oils, it has a fresh, well-balanced character.

All that work was well worth the effort! This recipe is one of Daneson's most robust and long-lasting blends. Each bottle contains at least one dozen toothpicks or more. Enjoy Mint No. 9s after a meal, with a drink, or on their own for a fresh bite!

1 bottle (minimum of 12 toothpicks)

Daneson uses American milled timber, all-natural ingredients, and plants 100 trees for every 1 tree used to make their flavorful toothpicks.

Meet The Maker

Created by: Daneson | Location: Toronto, Canada

Daneson exclusively uses natural ingredients in their toothpicks and the toothpicks themselves are made of American northern white birch. Daneson collaborates with independent family-owned suppliers. They plant 100 trees for every 1 that they cut down to use as supplies and they have teamed up with Plant-It 2020, a reforestation program.