Montessori Toddler Wood Toy Play Kit

This Montessori Toddler Wood Toy Play Kit consists of 10 items, all of which are finished by the manufacturer with food-grade mineral oil and beeswax. Perfectly sized for tiny hands, they are designed to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, balance, stacking, nesting, language abilities, imaginative play, and problem-solving.

The kit comprises a 2.5" egg, two small rings (2.25"), two large rings (2.5"), a napkin ring (1.5" wide), a bowl (2.5" wide), a 2" ball, and two XL peg dolls (3.5" tall).

Note: Though taste-safe and appropriate for kids under 3, they are not meant as chew toys and should be used with parental supervision. A canvas cotton bag is included for storage.


Wood toy kit includes 10 items: - 2.5” egg - 2 small rings (2.25”) - 2 large rings (2.5”) - napkin ring (1.5” wide) - bowl (2.5” wide) - 2” ball - 2 XL peg dolls (3.5” tall)

Though items are taste-safe and large enough for kiddos under 3, they are not intended to be used as chew toys. Parental supervision always recommended.

Meet The Maker

Created by: Taylored Toys | Location: Vancouver, Washington

Taylored Toys was born out of the struggle to find quality toys and gifts for kids (including their own) that they didn’t get tired of and ditch after a week! Since moving toward open-ended toys in our home (toys that don’t tell you how to play or what to do with them), I have noticed a huge difference in the way my kids play. They are so much more independent, and their creativity seems to have exploded! They were so inspired that they started making their own.