North Tower Terrarium

Featuring a tall, slim silhouette, this tower terrarium is perfect for a miniature orchid or tall, tiny plant. The North Tower displays a pyramid hip roof, geometric triangle pattern, and a stroll-stopping profile. Every terrarium rocks a fitted plastic liner. It's named after Marianne North, an acclaimed biologist and botanical artist. She bankrolled trips to the edges of the planet and documented hundreds of plant varieties with her bold artistry. The North Tower features a pyramid hip roof, geometric repeating triangle design + a high profile. Terrariums need less watering than other indoor plants. On sunny days, water droplets condense on the glass; when it cools off at night, the moisture moves back into the soil. Crafted from reclaimed glass using stained glass techniques, each terrarium is hand-made and one-of-a-kind.

5" W x 5" L x 15" H

Meet The Maker

Created by: Leadhead Glass | Location: Detroit, Michigan