Quilt Bunting - Miscellaneous Quilts

Each of this will come with a quilt/quilt pattern we choose! the pattern created for this bunting is our Reclaim Quilt Bunting - the perfect decor for your home, office, or gift to a friend. Length will be about 80” long - each triangle is roughlt 7” wide and 9.5” long, the binding is 12” on each side. handmade in knoxville, tn!!

Meet The Maker

Created by: Reclaim Creative | Location: Knoxville, TN

Reclaim Creative is a sustainable & repurposed textile practice creating goods for the body and home in Tennessee. All of their products are made from reclaimed vintage textiles, repurposed into a beautiful & functional works of art. With sustainability & intentionality at the core of their brand, they make all items by hand in their Knoxville, TN studio. They're focused on creating unique & one-of-a-kind pieces for authentic people!