Vellum St. Lip Balm

An upcycled rainbow of lip & skin-loving tallow & beeswax balms, in an array of botanically derived colors & scents delivered directly to your door, to help brighten up any day!

These ultra healing lip balms go on clear, so no worries about having a brightly colored kisser if that’s not your thing! Lips, hands, face, or ass, tallow’s great for skin when it’s been fed grass!

Meet The Maker

Created by: Vellum St Soap Company | Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA

All of Vellum St Soap Company’s products are made from food-grade ingredients that are locally and organically sourced. Often ingredients in their products are upcycled from local restaurants, which would normally be considered food waste. Their soaps, balms, salts, and candles are all tallow-based. All of the tallow in their products are sourced from animals raised on small, local, regenerative agricultural focused, pastured, and humanely raised. The company is female-run and founded.