Season's Greetings from Yardley Holiday Card

Hand-painted by Nicole Muheim of Nicole Leah Designs (the very talented sister of Jess, owner of Krysset) this card was a labor of love with over 15 hours of talent and skill applied to our historic and charming downtown!

Nicole captured all the holiday magic of our borough in beautiful detail: from the iconic Yardley Jewelers to our Main St. planters at Krysset to our brand-new neighbors at Yardley Refillery.

You’ll also spy Vault Brewing with their umbrellas over outdoor dining, the gorgeous FZ Works copper sign, Pretty Bird's glowing porch and just a tiny peek of Burrito's and Yardley General down the street.

Greeting Card Size 4.5"x6.25"

Meet The Maker

Created by: Nicole Leah Designs

Based out of Annapolis, MD, Nicole is the talented sister of Krysset Owner, Jess. Nicole's background in architectural design and drafting gives her beautifully illustrated watercolor work a gorgeous detailed look.