Spiced Wine Whipped Body Butter

The main uses for our Spiced Wine Whipped Body Butter are as an every day moisturizer and as a manager of inflammatory response, however, the benefits that the individual ingredients in our butters provide are aplenty! Arnica is great for bruising. Citrus oils are known to rejuvenate cells and brighten your skin, while spices like cassia and clove promote healthy circulation and make excellent regulators of inflammatory response. Guiding you gently into fall are the sweet and spicy scent and warm colors! Luxurious and light, yet rich are the words we would use to describe these butters. Our vegan body butters are not oily and absorb beautifully into the skin drawing the herbal goodness through the pores. Sweet Orange and Tangerine combine with Cassia and Clove to a warm and spicy scent with a sweet finish.

Meet The Maker

Created by: The Good Rub | Location: Sacramento, California