The Imperfect stones (8)

This product contain a set of 8 imperfect mixed stones (eitheir 1 type of stone or you can make your own mix, just write a preference via email). They come with a certificate of stones and a reusable & multi-use 6.5'' x 3" pouch. Please note that the pouch was design to contain your sunglasses or other item that need a little protection! This 8 pack is perfect as a small gift or to add more stone to your collection. You can now make your friend at home experience the same product as you for a modest price. As part of our sustainable approach, this resistant canvas pouch was designed and manufactured locally thanks to the precious collaboration of our partners.

Meet The Maker

Created by: Lithologie | Location: Quebec, Canada

Lithology creates and manufactures all of their products, including harvesting their own stone by hand, and exclusively work with local products. Their products are inspired by nature and their territory, Montreal’s, geological history. The owners, Stéphane and Kim, conducted numerous tests before the creation of Lithology.