Whiskey Cocktail Bitters Set

Barrel-aged spirits with some gumption — such as bourbon or rye whiskey — call for flavor additions with some equally bold giddy-up. And it’s a maxim held mighty by our skilled mixologists that the more stripped-down the cocktail, the less room there is for ingredient error. Thusly (and made as your deity of choice surely intended), a truly great whiskey drink like an Old Fashioned or Manhattan shines when only a few superlative elements are mixed with a minimum of fuss. This best-selling duo includes one-ounce bottles of our flagship Honest John Black Walnut Bitters and robust Coffee + Cherry Bitters, along with classic whiskey cocktail recipes featuring each signature flavor. As always, Honest John Bitters are made with a pure spirits-based, glycerin-free foundation, with organic ingredients sourced in the West.

Meet The Maker

Created by: Honest John Bitters Co | Location: Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Founded in 2016 by Sara Lund, Honest John Bitters' products instill a commitment to clarity, craft, and painstaking attention to detail. They're made with a pure spirits-based, glycerin-free foundation and all-organic plant based ingredients sourced in the Western US.