The Meaningful Mission of Gifting (+ you can, too!)

Give with heart, make a difference


+ you can, too!

The following is an article that appeared in Times Publication, The Yardley Voice.

During the pandemic you could count on one hand the people you saw in person.

Your immediate family, closest friend, yourself. It reminded us how human it is to be together, to be connected, loved, and valued. To laugh, hug, fist bump, and even split dessert with a friend!

I founded Krysset (Yardley)–a lifestyle shop brimming with hand-selected, artisan-made goods from the United States and Canada–because I wanted to deepen our connection to others near and far.

As a former jeweler, my passion for these products runs deep. After leaving my job in 2019 for a new venture, I knew I would focus on connecting people to handcrafted goods. Months later, the pandemic began, and I found myself in a lonely, anxious place. That’s when Krysset began to take shape.

During the my hardest time, I received an unexpected gift from my brother and his family–a locally made cutting board with a beautifully written card. In that moment, I felt loved, supported and connected; and it seemed just a little brighter that day. I held it in my hands and cried.

I’m almost ashamed of how moved I was over that gift. But it’s not just a cutting board. It's comfort, joy, memory, and meaning from one person to another. It was an affirmation that Krysset was needed.

"It's not just a gift. It's comfort, joy, memory, and meaning from one person to another."

The gifts you give and receive–the things that adorn your home and body–have power to connect you to people, places, and emotions. Who makes those things (and how they’re made), they matter, too. It's as simple as that. 

The next time you give a gift, we’re happy to help you create joyful, meaningful connections in your life for memories that will last a lifetime!

"Creating Connections at Krysset Gallery + Shop. The Joyful and Meaningful Mission of Gifting" as seen in The Yardley Voice, May/June 2022 Vol. 27 No. 5

+ you can, too!

Finding "the perfect" gift can be tough!

At Krysset, we spend countless hours doing research on every product we choose so you don't have to! We carefu
lly craft a selection of goods that are artisan designed and made in the USA or Canada. Over 80% of the Creative Partners featured in our shop (in person and online) are female and many businesses are also family owned and operated.

We focus on sourcing from small  businesses that practice sustainability, give back, support underserved communities, have unique design perspectives are more.

Every decision we make at Krysset is a chance to have a positive impact on someone's life. Our customers, a person receiving one of our items, the person who made it, their family, their business, and the businesses and communities they serve and are a part of.

Being a small business is a lot like being a tree... The roots are deep, the branches are wide and you're part of the greater ecosystem at work.

Whether you're choosing a gift for a loved one or yourself, we're here to help you make an impact far greater than you could ever imagine. 

Krysset's cover story was a very unexpected surprise. I had no idea I'd be featured on the cover, so when a friend sent me a DM with a picture of the magazine I was initially confused. The response has been overwhelmingly positive! I'm thankful and excited for the future of Krysset.

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