Giving & Receiving: Comfort & Care

The sun is barely above the horizon as you start your day. You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and reach for the earrings your daughter gave you. They’re effortless and they make you feel beautiful, even in your messy bun.

You make your way to the kitchen, in search of coffee...

Easing into the day, with quiet intention, feels like a sweet hug. You breath in deeply; the aroma of your artisanally roasted blend of coffee wraps around you like a warm embrace as it begins to brew. Your favorite handmade mug patiently waits beside the gurgling coffee maker. It will feel good in your hands, filled with warm liquid love.

You give your mug a quick rinse and as you dry your hands you remember the day you bought the soft, beautiful tea towel; shopping, and hanging out with your sister. You smile at the memory as your slippers scuff gently across the tile floor to light a warm-scented candle.

One more thing before your first sip. The box of decadent chocolates your best friend said was ‘to die for’ is already strategically resting on the table. You indulge yourself in the sweet treat because coffee always tastes better with chocolate. And you deserve it.

As you sit down, the sunlight begins to peek through the blinds. The coffee reminds you of someone you’ve been missing. You reach for a beautiful notecard and write simply, “I’m thinking of you and just wanted you to know… you are loved.”

Welcome to your Comfort & Care curated gift box.

My concept for the first of many boxes was pretty simple.

So many people are experiencing feelings of loneliness right now. We’ve been separated from family and friends for too long, even for the introverts among us. It’s easy to feel forgotten and easy to forget that someone out there is thinking of you. We’re craving the simplest comforts, and I wanted to do something to help ease that loneliness in some small way.

Everyday comforts can be simple and also beautiful.

I lovingly chose each item in the Comfort & Care Box for its nurturing contribution to this first offering:

"Coffee Arabesque" Tea Towel – Designed & Made by Mezari Atelier - Montreal, Canada
With its soft, cozy fabric, designed exclusively for our first box. The charming croissant/coffee design is hand silk-screened. 55% organic linen, 45% org cotton, and machine wash and dry.

"Aurora" Hoop Earrings – Made by Cindy Liebel Jewelry - Virginia
These beauties are so lightweight and comfy you can wear them all day and forget you have them on. Polished sterling silver.

Sea Salted Chocolate Coated Caramels – Made by Mecca Chocolate - Haddonfield, NJ
This was a no-brainer. Seriously, who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s one of those endorphin-inducing treats. Contains Fleur de Sel, Hawaiian Alaea, Alderwood Smoked, Spanish Rosemary, Smoked Habanero, and Thai Ginger. 

Fair Trade Organic Coffee – Made by Fieldstone Coffee Roasters - Milford, NJ & Ottsville, PA
Locally roasted, sourced from a female owned and operated farm in Honduras. Ease into your day or energize your afternoon with coffee that tastes good and does good!

12 oz Hand Thrown Coffee Mug – Made by Walnut Street Pottery - Perkasie, PA
Does anything feel better than a warm handmade cup in your hands? This white speckled hand-thrown, mug has a soft satin finish. It will make your coffee taste heavenly.

Cafe Culture Greeting Cards – Designed & Illustrated by Nicole Leah Designs - Washington, DC
Pass on the love and take a minute to write to someone you’re missing, who needs to hear from you with fun messages like, Sending "Matcha Love", "You're My Best-Tea", and "You're So Extra" (like a Double Mocha Frap with Caramel Icing, whip and cherry on top, of course!!). 

Each item was purposefully selected for its distinctive beauty and because a talented, small-batch artisan crafted it. I chose products only create by hand or made in small batches to foster a connection between you and the makers.

When you open your gift box, you’ll get to know the makers and their creative vision.

This beautifully curated box, filled with unique and handmade, small-batch items, wraps around you like a warm hug. The simplest gestures bring comfort and joy. You’re reminded that someone is thinking of you and that you’re loved. You are not alone.

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