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Lilacs in Spring, Lilacs for Mom

Lilacs in Spring remind me of my mom. 

Every time I smell them I’m instantly taken back to a time in childhood... I’m not sure if it’s a specific memory or a combination of experiences but the sensation is strong and warm. 

The sun is shining through morning haze, my mom is holding my hand, and we’re both leaning into a lilac bush, cradling the blooms to our noses as we breath in the sweet scent.

Little bees buzz around busily collecting pollen and we continue on our walk allowing our hearts and feet to wander where we might. 

I can't pass a Lilac tree or smell their sweet scent without thinking of my mom and she inspired me to create The Lilac Box (available now!)as my second release for Krysset!

It's the perfect gift to honor her on Mother's Day this year and I can't wait to pop it into the mail this week for her.

Every item in the box has a little something to do with her, too...

I got in touch with my friend, Dawn, from daVoria Jewelry. I had an idea I wanted to bring to life: an everyday, double sided, sterling silver, lilac pendant that felt warm, loving, and graceful, just like my mom.

Dawn helped me bring my vision for the Lilac & Bloom pendant alive for this release (thank you, Dawn!!) and it turns out, her mom loved lilacs, too. It was so nice to chit-chat with Dawn about our moms and create a beautiful piece of jewelry while doing it! 

lilac gifts

I LOVE candles, and so does my mom.... 
So of course, there had to be a lilac candle for this gift box!

It's called 
Lovely Lilac made by Willow Moon Candle. Willow Moon is actually located pretty close to my home, so I drove down to pick up the candles. I immediately stuck my nose in one and breathed deeply. Its sweet, light, airy, fresh lilac scent was exactly what I had in mind. Absolute lilac perfection!

I know my my mom is going to add this candle to the nightly family ritual of lighting all the candles in the house!

So the Hooray All Day lilac-hued matches included in the Lilac Box make me crack a smile every time I see them! And they're so pretty, you won't want to hide them in a drawer, either! 

The Blooming Lilac Bath Salt (by Midnight Valkyrie Beauty) is the perfect way to end the day and reminds me of my mom's love for gardening, flowers and for the earth that brims with new green in the early spring.

I can't wait for her to open her Lilac Box so I can ask her if she remembers lilacs the way I do... A love of spring, the joy of new life, family, beauty in nature, and sweet memories of a time long ago. 



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